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Your Patent Expert Welcome Blog 

Greetings website visitors!...My first Blog for this website: I explain why I have created this website.  I hope you become a little more educated about U.S. Patent Law and the process.  Please let me know if I have achieved my goal. Read More


Your Patent Expert Blog #1

Want Free Legal advice on U.S. Patents? Then read this blog to find a helpful link to resources outside of this website.... Read More

Your Patent Expert Blog #2

Should you file a provisional patent application (compared to a non-provisional patent application)?  The better questions are -- do you know what a provisional patent application is and what you are paying for?.... Read More

Your Patent Expert Blog #3

So what is a patent? Or really, what is any intellectual property? It is a trespass sign.... Read More

Your Patent Expert Blog #4

What is one proven technique to get your utility patent application through the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) quickly and efficiently? This is the same proven technique that your Patent Examiner will thank you for when the Examiner picks up your patent case... Read More