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Your Patent Expert Welcome Blog 

Greetings website visitors!...My first Blog for this website: I explain why I have created this website.  I hope you become a little more educated about U.S. Patent Law and the process.  Please let me know if I have achieved my goal. Read More


Your Patent Expert Blog #1

Want Free Legal advice on U.S. Patents? Then read this blog to find a helpful link to resources outside of this website.... Read More

Your Patent Expert Blog #2

Should you file a provisional patent application (compared to a non-provisional patent application)?  The better questions are -- do you know what a provisional patent application is and what you are paying for?.... Read More

Your Patent Expert Blog #3

So what is a patent? Or really, what is any intellectual property? It is a trespass sign.... Read More

Your Patent Expert Blog #4

What is one proven technique to get your utility patent application through the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) quickly and efficiently? This is the same proven technique that your Patent Examiner will thank you for when the Examiner picks up your patent case... Read More

Your Patent Expert Blog #5

What are Patent Claims? Why do you need them?
Patent claims are the legal definitions of your invention.  They are used during the patent application process to secure the patent grant.  And they are used after the patent is granted/awarded to determine if you can sue a competitor in a court of law for patent infringement.... Read More