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Internet Radio Podcast - Your Intellectual Property Questions Answered with Your Patent Expert, Steve Wigmore and Derek Griffin

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Internet Radio Podcast - Intellectual Property (IP) Protection (an overview of IP) for Your Business Processes with Your Patent Expert Steve Wigmore brought to you by BUSINESS INFRASTRUCTURE - CURING BACK OFFICE BLUES with Alicia Butler Pierre.

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**VIDEO** Podcast - Your Patent Expert Steve Wigmore explains patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets to Whitney Mendoza and Eric Holtzclaw of Liger Partners - Listen to how much patent litigation may cost each party in a law suit.

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Internet Radio Podcast - Your Patent Expert Steve Wigmore explains the origins of his career in patent law -- his work at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office as a Utility Patent Examiner and more to John Ray & North Fulton Business RadioX® - Listen to how Steve's work as a former Utility Patent Examiner has several advantages for his clients.

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LINKED-IN VIDEO POST - Your Patent Expert Steve Wigmore on: DAVID & GOLIATH - What "David" Inventors and "David" Start-ups Need to Know about a Patent or Trademark Fight with Goliaths - Thank you Whitney Mendoza and Liger Partners for this Linked-In video segment:

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