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Greetings inventors, start-up companies, and even existing profitable companies -- welcome to my website. I have created this website to provide an explanation of the patent process that should be easy to follow and understand.  I have discovered that there are not that many websites which can provide a cohesive, yet simple game plan for the patent process.  While my concentration and expertise are connected to the U.S. Patent Process, I have worked on patent applications throughout the world and the patent process in other countries does have some similarities with the U.S. Patent Process.

For the Blogs on this website, I plan to provide some insight on websites and/or organizations which may be helpful to any inventor -- whether as a solo inventor, start-up company, or Fortune 500 company.  I believe that an educated inventor is a better client whether you become a client of my law firm, Smith Tempel, a client of a different law firm, a client of a company, or a licensor of your patent to another company.

If you ever have any questions about this website, feel free to reach me via e-mail or phone.

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